By Betty Martinez Franco, Account Executive, FSB Public Affairs

As the pandemic shifted the way businesses host in-person events with new restrictions to abide by, FSB Public Affairs pivoted quickly and utilized new technologies for success. Our team provided clients with alternatives for stakeholder outreach by turning meetings into virtual webinars or in-person hybrid events.

While working on behalf of our client, Ford Motor Company, we realized some campaigns required in-person meetings in order to be more successful. At the end of 2020, we helped Ford implement its annual “Abrochate por Amor” or “Buckle Up for Love” safe driving campaign in Montebello, CA, while adapting to follow all safety regulations. FSBPA teamed up with Exquisitamente TV, the Montebello Police Department, the Montebello Chamber of Commerce and a small group of local influencers to deliver the “Abrochate por Amor” message to the community. Our team took every precaution to keep the attendees safe from the virus, including taking temperatures, disinfecting vehicles that were on display, requiring the use of face masks and enforcing social distancing.

The influencers shared social media stories and messages of safe driving during the holidays, while using the hashtag #AbrochatePorAmor and tagging @FordLatino. Ford Latino’s “Abrochate por Amor” campaign received additional coverage in a local publication and on a podcast. Our goal of delivering the message to the community surpassed our expectations and reached over 367,000 people nationwide.

Our timing for this initiative was based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, which stated that most car accidents happen during the holidays when people are driving the most. Another report showed that nearly half of people killed in car accidents were not wearing a seat belt. Now, with Valentine’s Day approaching, it is more important than ever to remind each other to “Abrochate por Amor,” or buckle up for love.