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Our Story

Changing The World, One Positive Impact At A Time

Affluent Hispanic Philanthropies was co-founded by Jose Diaz Romero and Roberto Carlos Lemus on March 2, 2017 as a 501(c)(3) United States-based non-profit organization, with the goal of supporting communities and other non-profits.

Together with passionate philanthropreneurs, we aim to make a difference by leading social initiatives and supporting different causes, such as those related to humanitarian acts, education, health, gastronomy, arts and culture.

What We Do

Creating A Positive Impact

Our Mission

We at Affluent Hispanic Philanthropies hope to inspire, empower, and promote philanthropy through social integrated platforms with the values of integrity, compassion, and altruism.

Our Vision

In partnership with corporate donors, international and local charitable organizations, influential celebrities, brands, and high-profile executives, we aim to promote high social impact projects and ultimately improve the lives of the communities we serve.

Who We Serve

Impact of Kindness: Driving Positive Change For Others

Empowering Philanthropreneurs

Aside from promoting their causes, we also help connect them to potential donors and partners that support the same causes that they stand for. 

Strengthening Communities

To help strengthen and improve the lives of different communities, we create social opportunities for them through educational programs, fundraising events, and community support.

em through educational programs, fundraising events, and community support.

Make A Difference

Positive Change For A Better Society

Benefitting fiscally responsible non-profit organizations through impactful initiatives.

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Getting support for endeavors involving humanitarian acts, education, health, gastronomy, arts and culture could be a struggling feat. But with your help, we can make a difference.

Let us work hand in hand in spearheading impactful initiatives that support the interests of these communities. Be our partner in creating a positive change.